Advancements in Lighting Technology: The CEDIA Perspective
Date & Time
Tuesday, December 3, 2024, 8:45 AM - 9:30 AM
Chaz deVerdier

As the LED has become the mandated choice for light sources in luminaires it has changed dramatically how we design, specify, install, program, and interact with lighting systems. This transformative change has opened new opportunities for the CEDIA integrator and lighting can become an important part of a new business model for our industry. We will discuss the impact solid state light sources have on the future of lighting including LED, Laser LED and OLED. Things like warm dimming, tunable white, warm white and the control of these sources in an occupancy can have a positive impact on those individuals living and working in the space. New powering technologies made possible by the low power requirements of these light sources and how they are having a positive impact on the use and consumption of electrical energy. We will also cover the newer luminaires that incorporate all levels of needed control at the individual fixture itself. Referred to as “Luminaire Level Lighting Controls”, (LLLC), this technology is changing the way we control and manage light in a space. Each of these lighting technologies will be reviewed from the “CEDIA Perspective”.

Tech Track