Wireless Residential Networking
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 2, 2024, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Geoff Meads

WiFi connectivity is a key communication method for much of the personal technology we use today. The increasingly crowded WiFi spectrum is busy delivering media, email, VoIP and other services to homeowners and their neighbours! With this in mind, it's essential that technicians fully understand wireless technology to ensure fast, and reliable service to their customers.

This course goes back to basics to understand the fundamental technology behind wireless, and RF (Radio Frequency) transmission as a physical layer in the OSI model. The course will compare wireless to other physical layer types and explores the behaviours of RF considering data speed, frequency and coverage. You will learn the benefits and opportunities of wireless security, and explore how to ensure secure networks and how to expand a wireless network to cover larger areas.

This course assumes a fundamental knowledge of IP networks. Candidates should come armed with a firm understanding of the wired network environment, having successfully completed CEDIA's Residential Networking course.

Key skills you will learn:

  • Understanding Wireless as a physical transport media.
  • Radio Frequency transmission as part of the Electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Controlling and / or maximising wireless coverage using different Antenna types.
  • Protecting wireless networks with appropriate security.
  • Expanding wireless networks to new areas or adding additional networks.
  • Controlling wireless networks with management systems.

Learning outcomes:

  • Plan an effective wireless installation in a residential setting.
  • Choose appropriate wireless hardware.
  • Configure a secure wireless network.
  • Document a typical wireless installation.
  • Test a wireless installation for coverage and speed.
Session Type
CEDIA Training, St Neots